Robolights began trading in 1989, designing and manufacturing it’s own products for the stage lighting industry. The first products were remote controlled lighting fixtures that could pan, tilt and change colour, designed specifically for theatre use and controlled by a conventional lighting desk. This work led to the development of several variants of colour scrollers which could be fitted to the runners of conventional lanterns to allow remote controlled colour changing, again directly from the lighting desk.

In 1999 Robolights designed, developed and launched the Smart Socket® – the stage lighting industry’s first ABS injection moulded socket outlet box for use on lighting bars bringing an end to the need to adapt standard electrical accessories. Internally wired lighting bars could now be manufactured with a purpose designed, easy to fit and cost effective product. The now industry standard Smart Socket® is in use worldwide and shipped in a several variants to accept the various electrical connectors used in the entertainment industry.


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