The Oak Frame Carpentry Company specialise in the design and construction of structural timber frames. Commonly known as “oak framing,” this ancient technique enables the creation of beautiful, unique buildings that have been proven to last for centuries. From small decorative structures through to massive enclosed spaces, the versatility of wood is without equal in creating a diverse range of environments – from the ultra-modern to the thoroughly traditional.

The Oak Frame Carpentry Company have a wealth of experience in all aspects of producing timber-framed buildings, and use this knowledge to combine the best of modern technology with the time-honoured techniques that have served carpenters for centuries.

We develop and then utilise the most sophisticated computer aided modelling software available to ensure your build progresses smoothly, on budget and with the minimum of wastage and delays.


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The Framing Yard, Nupend Farm, Nupend, Stonehouse, Gloucester, GL10 3SU, United Kingdom


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