Not only do the green screens look attractive, but they make a very significant environmental impact on our day to day living. Absorbing 6g/m2 of sub micron particles from the atmosphere. Annually, 23m2 of our screens will absorb the equivalent carbon emissions as an average city tree. (Nigel Dunnett of Dunnett & Kingsbury 2004), which of course, will take a lot longer to establish!

The dense foliage of the screens will also encourage biodiversity; they can be further enhanced by the use of bird, bat and insect boxes if desired, which can be completely hidden from public view.

Hedera Screens are committed to delivering a quality service to our customers. As part of this process the management of our environmental aspects is as important as the management of all other areas of the business. We seek to develop a sustainable improvement programme with the assessment and measurement of our environmental impacts being the driver for the setting of clear, achievable objectives in each area of our activities. We are committed to reducing or preventing pollution and will minimise, as far as possible, any negative environmental effects that may occur as a result of our working activities.


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