A new name associated with a familiar face. Biltz has many faces and the same amount of labor fields. Painting, Construction and Maintenance Upholstery and private, RVGO, Fire Prevention. An ever-expanding range of mutually reinforcing disciplines and everything in-house. Biltz is a living, constantly renewing itself now. Welcome to Biltz.

Biltz, formerly of Zoelen example, has in recent years undergone a tremendous growth. All facets of the company have come from an evolution to another. A new management brought a tighter market vision. Through a well-oiled internal organization, we managed to make in planning, pricing and quality. Continuous improvement This method we called Biltz. And because this method, Biltz, forms our identity, we have decided from now on to us to mention. Biltz as a working principle and as a company.


Our Address:

Overschiestraat 178, 1062nd XK Amsterdam, Netherlands


52.344385, 4.837950599999999

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