Stone cleaning and restoration work relies upon a knowledgeable and sympathetic awareness from all who are involved. Not only does the Planning Consultant have to be able to communicate with the contractor – that communication needs to be clearly understood and passed on clearly to on-site operators so that possible misinterpretations are eliminated.
It is invaluable for architects to be able to get positive input from the contractor during a site survey or at various stages during a contract. This type of contribution often based upon long-term experience can help to provide solutions to some of the inevitable problems, which appear on-site often after a contract has started.

Since its formation in 1985 Beech has been involved in a wide range of major projects which have resulted in the company being recognised and respected for its expertise and excellence. Conservation companies and major building companies around the UK have depended on the Beech reputation for advice and guidance in both new build and heritage environments.


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